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District Jamtara
Created On 26th April 2001
Area 1811 Sq. Km North East Of Jharkhand
Location Latitude:-23.9586612 & Longitude:-86.8057714
Blocks 6 Fatehpur, Jamtara, Karmatand, Kundhit, Nala and Narayanpur
Panchayat 118
Villages 1161
Population 7,91,042 Persons Male-4,04,830 Female-3,86,212 (As per Census 2011)
Population Density 437 Persons per Sq. Km
Schools 1210 Rural-1185 Urban-25
Hospitals 152 1 District Hospital, 4 Community Health Centers, 15 Primary Health Centres and 132 Health Sub Centres.