Integrated Tribal Development Agency

Public Information Officer
Name Designation Office E-mail Office Contact No.
Shri Rajiv Kumar Mishra District Welfare Officer meso[dot]jamtara[at]gmail[dot]com


  1. Pre-Matric/Post Matric – ST, SC, OBC & Minority Stipend Scheme.
  2. Cycle Distribution Scheme For ST/SC/OBC Student(Only for Class- VIII)
  3. Birsa Munda Awas Yojna for PTGs Group (Pahariya).
  4. Medical Grant in Aid for ST/SC/OBC.
  5. ST, SC Atrocity Act Scheme.
  6. Jahersthan and Kabristan Gherabandi Scheme.
  7. Dhoomkuriya House/Manjhi House/Cultural Centre.

Service Delivery:

  1. Medical Grant in Aid for ST/SC/OBC
  2. Compensation to Victim under ST, SC Atrocity Scheme.
  3. Distribution of Forest lease under the Forest Rights Act.

Important Guidelines: