Promoting COVID Appropriate Behaviour (CAB): Unlock with Precautions for COVID 19

1. Wear Mask Properly
2. Practise Appropriate Social Distancing
3. Do Regular Handwashing/ Regular use of Hand Sanitizer

MoRD- COVID Festive Pack Content (Jan Andolan)
MoHFW – CAB Social Media Content

Download-> Market Mobile App -> For contact with migrant workers

Through this mobile app, migrant laborers will register themselves to get ration facility through food supply and public distribution, consumer affairs. After registration, the data will be verified by the head / ward commissioner / authorized officer. After this, the migrant laborers can lift the ration from the registered dealer from their panchayat / ward. Migrant laborers must first enter their name / mobile number / Aadhaar number / date of birth / district to register in the market app through sign up. After this, he will get the registration number. Always enter the registration number for the login and the last eight digits of the Aadhaar number for the password.

Download Jharkhand Bazar APP ……….. Migrant Bazar App Process ………….Migrant_Registration_Workflow